Robust injection resins for every environment

CSE Sales offers a wide selection of products for concrete repair. Material for crack repair marks the core of the product line-up, offering a large variety of different two-component epoxies. One of the main factors of differentiation to competing products is that all products can be used for dry, damp and wet cracks to achieve structural repair results. Preliminary injections with polyurethane foams are not necessary and the state of moisture can be disregarded when choosing the most suitable material.

In connection with the injection seals, for example StripSeal (, and machines, construction companies have access to an entire system for crack repair which allow virtually everything from the repair of a crack on an indoor parking deck up to the base of an oil platform. With the right resin crack repair is possible starting at 1°C as well as above 40°C, dry and wet cracks, even underwater work or projects involving radioactive contamination. Due to the low viscosity of the material, cracks starting at 0.1 mm on the surface can be treated, within the structure even tiny cracks down to 0.01 mm are penetrated.

The injection process differs significantly from conventional processes in some aspects and is of course strongly facilitated by the material and machinery in use. Its effectiveness has been proven in countless projects globally.

With regards to epoxy injection resins for crack repair, the following products are available:

These highly specialized injection resins are ideally formulated for their respective purpose, without requiring high pressure to achive extensive penetration into the crack. Due to this they allow the execution of repair projects which are not possible with other materials. The resins meet numerous US, European and other national norms for injection resins (e.g. ASTM C 881, EN 1504-5, DIN V 18028). For more information please consult the technical data sheets.

Beyond these resins, the product CSE Healer/Sealer is worth mentioning, an ultra low viscosity epoxy coating. Due to its simple application, quick cure and chemical resistance it is particularly well suited for use on large spaces such as parking decks, runways, industrial floors etc. which are affected by many tiny cracks.