High quality products for concrete repair

CSE Sales AG, a separate entity affiliated with CSE Construction GmbH, markets an exclusive product line for concrete repair developed by the industry pioneer ChemCo Systems Inc. in Europe. The products are available to professional construction companies and contractors of all sizes in Europe which are active in concrete repair and interested in what is probably the widest selection of premium epoxy resins for crack repair. We offer a comprehensive, free of charge introduction into the products and applications as well as regular practical courses on the correct implementation of the technology.

We are glad to advise on the use of the products and the selection of the best one for an individual project. In doing this we can also make use of the extensive experience and project database of ChemCo Systems going back more than 50 years to find the best solution for each case. Countless concrete repair projects which were successfully executed in the past decades, some under the most under adverse conditions, demonstrate the capability of the injection resins developed by ChemCo Systems.

For more information or details on reference projects please contact us.