The specialist for concrete crack repair products

Founded in 1993 – by leading industry veterans which have been active in the development of polymers for construction purposes since the 1960s - ChemCo Systems ( is one of only a few companies globally which are almost exclusively focused on the development of products for concrete repair. Many of its technical employees used to work for Adhesive Engineering (AE) and have decades of experience in polymer research. Unlike many competitors, the current products of ChemCo Systems have been in use for decades demonstrating their quality and persistance in real life applications beyond all laboratory conditions ( They are premium products which were rigorously developed for the highest performance in the specific application.

Like many other high technology companies, ChemCo Systems is based in Redwood City, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. In the last decades, ChemCo Systems products have been used in many large projects such as the repair of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Washington Monument in Washington D.C., the Lord Nelson Statue in London etc. Each year more than 100,000 meters of cracks are repaired with ChemCo Systems products.

Besides products for concrete repair, epoxy asphalt is the second area of activity of ChemCo Systems. This high performance pavement, primarily used on bridge decks, is unique in terms of longevity and resistance compared to conventional substances. It has been selected for some of the largest bridge projects worldwide, for example the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge ( It has also been a part of a large-scale OECD study on durable pavements.