High quality material allows gentle injection process

The ChemCo Injection Process (CHIP) exhibits a few substantial differences to many traditional injection techniques. Two aspects are particularly important:

Injection pressure
The special formulation of the resins allows the injection at a very low pressure between 0 and 5 bar. Hence many disadvantages of high pressure injection are avoided, particularly damaging the respective structure by generating back pressure. In addition, no installation of packers is necessary and drilling is strongly reduced or even not required at all.

Positioning of injection ports
In the CHIP, the ports are placed directly onto the crack. The common drilling and installation from both sides in a 45° angle, hoping to "hit" the crack as much as possible, is explicitly avoided. This ensures that the material fills the crack from every port - independent of its path within the structure which can rarely be evaluated from the outside.

The CHIP generally follows the following steps:

  • Cleaning of the crack
  • Surface preparation for the sealing of the crack
  • In case of no open access to the crack, drilling of holes down to about 5 mm depth
  • Placing of the injection ports directly upon the crack
  • Sealing of the crack, in particular around the ports and placing of the injection hoses onto the ports
  • Injection of the resin into the ports until resin emerges from the adjacent port
  • Removal of injection ports and sealing
  • Esthetic treatment of the crack depending on the respective requirements