Comprehensive system for crack repair

CSE Sales offers a comprehensive system for concrete crack repair and related applications. Besides injection resisn, this includes the following components:

Injection pump
The injection machine “Model B Pump” was specifically developed by ChemCo Systems for the injection of our resins in a 2:1 ratio. It features an automatic shut-off sensor in case of empty reservoirs and was developed to offer the highest reliability possible. The desired injection pressure is generated and sustained automatically. The pump is intended for two-components epoxies and delivers these with a precision of +/- 2 percent.

ChemCo Systems produces a number of injection seals. Well-suited for most applications are KEMKO® QuikSeal and KEMKO® StripSeal.

Since the CHIP does not require high injection pressure, no drilling and installation of packers is necessary. There are different types of ports available for applications in which the crack is directly accessible from the surface as well as those in which a small degree of drilling is required to gain access to the crack.