Repair project subway tunnel station Gruga Park, Essen

Customer: Via Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH

Repair project: Crack injection to repair partly wet cracks in the ceiling of a subway tunnel

Around the subway station Gruga Park water had been penetrating through the ceiling of the tunnel for quite some time. The affected areas were treated with various injection processes and materials without sustainably solving the problem. CSE Construction conducted the crack repair using the CHIP. Hence the repair project largely followed the standard procedure of this process and employed injection material by CSE Sales. After removal of the rendering along the course of the crack and the necessary surface preparation a notch was created along the crack. Subsequently the injection ports were installed and the CSE Sales epoxy resin injected with a minimum injection pressure.

As soon as the injection was completed, the injection ports were taken down from the ceiling and a few "cosmetic measures" carried out on the surface of the repair area. A flexible sealing mud was applied in those areas in which the rendering had initially been removed. In contrast to previous repair attempts, with this method CSE Construction managed to successfully complete the repair and sustainably stopped the penetration of water into the tunnel.