Sealing of fermenter inspection glass, Pritzier

Customer: BioConstruct GmbH

Repair project: Repair of the sealing of the inspection glass in a concrete fermenter

CSE Construction was mandated with the repair of the sealing of the inspection glass of a concrete container by BioConstruct GmbH. The inspection glass made of stainless steel was in the opening of a concrete container wall with a thickness of approx. 24 cm. The opening possessed a bituminous coating. A feature of this project was that the concrete container used as a fermenter was supposed to be repaired while in operation. At the time of the repair there was an overpressure inside the container caused by the chemical reactions taking place inside of it.

A previous repair attempt using silicone by a different company had not been successful. Hence we removed the dysfunctional silicone joint and determined the leaking spots with an indicator liquid. After the cleaning and dedusting of the opening and stainless steel frame with acetone, the inspection glass and container opening were protected with adhesive tape.

As a prerequisite for the sealing work to commence, the leaks were temporarily closed by an extremely fast reacting resin. In order to install the permanent sealing the cleaned areas were primed followed by the application of a highly flexible Enkopur coating. An Enkopur mat of fibres was put into the coating and another layer of the coating applied on top of it. This created a long lasting and high performing sealing between the frame of the inspection glass and the container wall.