Repair project Spandauer Arcaden, Berlin

Customer: Unibail-Rodamco Germany GmbH

Repair project: Clean-off zone, expansion joints and gutters

Prior to the actual installation of the new clean-off zone in the entrance area of the shopping center „Spandauer Arcaden“ in Berlin, which CSE Construction carried out on behalf of Unibail-Rodamco Germany, various protective measures were set up, e.g. dust protection walls. Subsequently, the old clean-off zone including the old mat frame and underlying screed was removed. The surface area of the old clean-off zone was grinded as the last preparatory step.

The new mat frame was installed next, followed by an epoxy resin screed. Formwork was built for the epoxy resin screed to be used as the new bearing surface of the clean-off zone. The surface was then primed with an epoxy resin and an equalizing layer made of epoxy resin mortar installed upon the primer. Another primer was applied to the cured equalizing layer and the bearing surfaces set up upon the primer. Once all material was sufficiently cured, the new entrance mat could be mounted.

The rest of this multi-step repair job concerned the driving surface connecting two parking decks of the shopping center. In this area there were a number of damaged expansion joints with leaks in the joint filling material. These were supposed to be repaired using the flexible and highly crack-bridging Enkopur coating system. The goal was a significant extension of the expansion joints‘ lifespans using an economical repair approach. As the first step, the sliding plates were dismounted from the expansion joints followed by extensive cleaning. Then the joint filling material and joint profiles were primed and – after the material had had sufficient time to cure – the first layer of the sealing material applied. A mat of fibers was worked into the area of the joint filling material and profiles followed by the second layer of the sealing material. As the last step the cleaned sliding plates were reinstalled.

A similar repair approach was taken in the repair of the gutters in the driving surface of the area connecting the two parking decks. These also exhibited leakages. The covers of the gutters were removed and cleaned. The inner surfaces of the gutters were primed and the first layer of the sealing material applied. After the installation of the mat of fibers, the second layer of sealing material was put onto the surface. The reinstallation of the cleaned covers of the gutters marked the end of this part of the project.

In a last step additional gutters made of stainless steel were installed in the driving surface. The asphalt was removed in the affected areas. The future drainages of the gutters were prepared by drilling into the asphalt and removing the resulting cores. The surface was primed and aggregate put onto the surface. The actual gutters were then put into their intended spots, levelled accordingly and secured sufficiently. Lastly, the gutters were connected to the drainage system of the parking deck.

Repair project Gesundbrunnen Center, Berlin

Customer: ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

Repair project: Repair of defective joints

A parking garage in the Gesundbrunnen-Center in Berlin was affected by a number of defective joints in the driving surface concrete blocks. ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG hired CSE Construction to do the necessary repair work which had to be carried out without shutting down the parking garage.

As the first preparatory step, the existing joint sealing and backfilling needed to be removed. The joints were then cleaned of all adhesion inhibiting substances by grinding and vacuuming. A primer belonging to the system was applied subsequently. To prevent three-point adhesion the prepared joints were then filled with a closed-cell round foam cord. Finally the actual new joint sealing of elastic polyurethane for trafficable joints was installed and smoothed.

Repair project shopping center Tauentzienstrasse, Berlin

Customer: CENTRUM Property Management GmbH

Repair project: Injection of wet cracks and leaky pipe penetrations

In the course of this repair project which CSE Construction carried out in a shopping center in Berlin on behalf of CENTRUM Property Management GmbH, the ChemCo Systems injection process was used in different applications.

On the one hand, partly wet structural cracks in walls and ceilings were repaired via injection of the CSE Sales resins. Contrary to most other epoxy resins used in pressure injection crack repair, all epoxy resins of CSE Sales can not only be used in the case of dry cracks, but also for damp or wet cracks. On the other hand, the building exhibited leaks at several pipe penetrations. After the necessary surface preparation, these were repaired via injection of CSE Sales resins as well.

Repair Project Koeln Arcaden, Cologne

Customer: mfi Shopping Center Management GmbH

Repair project: Coating restoration in several areas

In the course of this repair project CSE Construction restored the coating in parts of the shopping center, e.g. on the parking deck. A total area of well over 3,000 sqm was treated. Initially, the existing OS 11 coating was removed. After the respective surface preparation measures, an OS 8 coating was applied. In addition, joints and gutters were repaired and the ChemCo Systems crack repair process CHIP was used in the repair of numerous cracks.

CSE Construction regularly executes smaller and larger repair projects beyond pure concrete crack repair, with concrete repair and coating projects being the most frequent jobs.

Repair project Schoenhauser Allee Arcaden, Berlin

Customer: mfi Shopping Center Management GmbH

Repair project: Repair work on a flat/green roof, a facade and a parking deck

CSE Construction completed a comprehensive repair project in the Schoenhauser Allee Arcaden in Berlin. Besides the ChemCo-Systems-Injection-Process a number of other techniques and products were used.

Leakages in column bases, parts of the ventilation system and the rooflight dome in the area of the flat/green roof were repaired using a multi-layer roof coating including special primers in combination with protective geomembranes. This combination of materials led to a particularly good adhesion in the transition zone of the steel beam and the existing roof seal. The coating was applied about 10 cm into the space beyond the corners so any leakages in this area were closed sustainably without the need of any subsequent works.

In addition, joints in different parts of the building were repaired by installing a closed-cell round cord and polyurethane sealant as well as several expansion joints - also based on closed-cell round cords and polyurethane sealant - established. In the repair of a leaking joint between the asphalt and the attic of a parking deck, the ChemCo-Systems-Injection-Process and an injection resin by CSE Sales was employed. This guaranteed the long-term restoration of the joint. Furthermore, in the course of establishing the closing joint a polyurethane sealant in combination with a round-cord was added to avoid a three-sided adhesion.

Repair project Eastgate, Berlin

Customer: ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

Repair project: Injection work on stone flags

In the course of the repair project in the Eastgate in Berlin, delaminations under stone flags in the shopping center were supposed to be closed entirely by injection. The first step in this project was to check the affected area for any delaminations or voids below the stone flags. Subsequently the surface was prepared using a detergent. Injection ports were installed by drilling into the corner spaces between the stone flags so the injection could be carried out according to the CHIP. After the injection and subsequent cosmetic measures the goal was reached: The delaminations below the stone flags had been closed completely. This technique developed by CSE Construction has considerable advantages for customers who usually keep their shopping centers open all year long. Since this floor repair in shopping centers is done area-by-area and only during times when the center is closed, it can operate as usual and still have this repair work done.

Repair project Spandauer Arcaden, Berlin

Customer: mfi management für immobilien AG

Repair project: Crack repair of dry and temporarily wet cracks in floors, walls and facades by injection

The cracks in the inner and outer walls of the spiral ramp as well as the driving surface of the shopping center's parking garage had to be repaired by injection before the next winter in order to prevent any chloride-contaminated melting water or de-icing salt to penetrate into the surface. If the cracks and leakages had continued to be affected by these substances, corrosion of the reinforcement in the concrete would have been the primary consequence. This corrosion leads to a considerably growing volume of the reinforcement, pressure within the concrete and eventually destroys the entire structure of the concrete. All cracks were successfully repaired by CSE Construction using the CHIP and the injection resins by CSE Sales particularly formulated for force-transmitting repair.