Repair project industrial hall, near Stuttgart

Repair project: coating according to German Federal Water Act

CSE Construction was hired to apply a coating on the floor of an industrial building by a new client active in the chemical industry. CSE has had the certification to carry out coating projects according to the German Federal Water Act for numerous years and regularly conducts such jobs, particularly for industrial clients.

Repair project factory hall, Brandenburg

Customer: Del Monte (Germany) GmbH

Repair project: Concrete repair, coating

On behalf of Del Monte (Germany) GmbH, CSE Construction repaired the floor of two factory buildings in Brandenburg. At the beginning, bolts in the floor were cut out with a diamond grinding wheel. Subsequently voids in the floor were repaired by placing new mortar into them, preceded by the necessary surface preparation. Other parts of the floor were grinded, for example in case of any substances adhering to the surface. After the grinding work a new epoxy sealing was applied onto the screed in these areas.

Repair project wind power plant, Wilmersdorf

Customer: eno energy GmbH

Repair project: Concrete repair, crack repair

The bases of several windmills in the wind power park Wilmersdorf in northern Germany suffered from cracks of various widths, including both structural cracks going through the entire bases and cracks due to insufficient concrete cover. The company Eno energy hired CSE Construction to carry out the necessary repair work.

After the setup of the necessary scaffolding around the windmills, the concrete surface was analyzed in detail. The coating was removed from the cracked areas by grinding to allow a more thorough and exact crack classification.

The concrete was subsequently cut out along all cracks caused by insufficient concrete cover. To prepare the concrete surface for a new weatherproof coating, the surface as well as the reinforcement was blasted. Corrosion protection was applied to the prepared reinforcement and polymer modified concrete mortar placed on the surface.

As far as the cracks going through the entire bases are concerned, the concrete along the cracks was cut out as well. A bonding course was applied and fibre strengthened PCC mortar put onto the surface. Eventually a crack-bridging coating was installed in several layers.

Repair project heating plant Reuter West, Berlin

Customer: Vattenfall Europe Berlin AG & Co. KG

Repair project: Crack injection in a heating plant

Different parts of the heating plant Reuter West in Berlin were affected by cracks which were supposed to be repaired by CSE Construction. The affected areas were the foundation of the cooling tower, the pump pit, the tank wall, the pressurized water pipes and several beams. The cracks, as wide as 0.6 mm and partly wet, had to be repaired without disrupting the general plant operations in order to protect the reinforcement from incoming cooling water.

We used an injection resin by CSE Sales which was injected into the cracks according to the CHIP at a low pressure level and the cracks repaired successfully.