Repair project Leipziger Platz, Berlin

Repair project: Concrete repair and coating of the parking garage

This repair project took place in a parking garage beneath a large office building in Berlin. The concrete in the garage was damaged by chlorides. This required comprehensive repair of the concrete walls and pillars, mostly by hydrodemolition, as well as the application of a new coating on all concrete surfaces in the garage and its ramp.

Repair project parking garage Chausseestrasse, Berlin

Repair project: Concrete repair and coating of the parking garage

The parking garage with a size of approx. 3,500 sqm was under an office building used by Vattenfall. CSE Construction was responsible for the complete refurbishment of the parking garage including concrete repair and coating work. Due to the downtown location of the garage the construction logistics were particularly challenging in this case. Furthermore, the office was in full use during the refurbishment so the construction noise had to be limited as much as reasonably possible.

Repair project parking garage Kaiserpark, Dusseldorf

Customer: Q-Park

Repair project: Concrete repair and coating of the parking garage

CSE Construction was hired to carry out the refurbishment of the parking Garage “Kaiserpark” in Dusseldorf on behalf of Q-Park. The project consisted of a complete renewal of the surface coating as well as comprehensive concrete repair work. Due to the high occupancy of the parking garage it was important to provide as much parking space as possible at any time, therefore carrying out the project in 8 phases.

Repair project parking garage Karstadt, Dresden

Customer: Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH

Repair project: Concrete repair via hydro-demolition, coating of the two levels including ramp

Repair project car park ramps Los-Angeles-Platz, Berlin

Customer: Contipark International Parking GmbH

Repair project: Concrete repair and coating of ramps

The car park „Los-Angeles-Platz“ in the Western part of downtown Berlin possesses two ramps for the entry and exit of parking vehicles. CSE Construction was hired by Contipark International Parking GmbH to apply a new coating on these ramps. The quick execution of the repair work and particularly short shut-down periods of the ramps were two of the key factors of the project. Therefore particularly fast-curing PMMA material manufactured by Westwood was used. To limit the disturbance to the operation of the car park as much as possible, the repair was carried out ramp by ramp. A traffic light system ensured that cars could both enter and exit via the ramp which was not repaired at the time.

As the first step, the old coating, an elastified epoxy coating, was removed from the surface with a high-performance grinding machine. Cracks in the surface were injected with our epoxy resin CSE Standard. A jackhammer was used to prepare chipped spots in the concrete which were then filled with an acrylate mortar.

Subsequently, a primer was applied onto the surface followed by a scratch coat to equalize the roughness of the concrete. To reach a particularly high-quality and sustainable result, a two-layered waterproofing coat including a mat of fibers was applied next. As the finishing layer a dark-grey anti-slip textured overlay was then installed. The sealing of the joints at the edges of the ramp was carried out as the last step of the job.

By choosing PMMA material which is ready for the next layer within an hour and completely cured shortly thereafter, the described procedure could be implemented within a very short period of time and the ramps opened for traffic without long delay.

Repair project parking garages P1, P3 & P5, Bochum

Customer: Entwicklungsgesellschaft Ruhr-Bochum mbH

Repair project: Crack injection of dry cracks in ceilings and ceiling beams as well as concrete repair

In the ceilings of the parking garages P1, P3 & P5 in downtown Bochum there were a number of dry cracks. This affected ceilings in the general parking space area as well as a few ceiling beams in the transition zone to the parking garage. We decided to repair the cracks using the CHIP and a CSE Sales injection resin which allows a force-transmitting crack repair. After the surface preparation steps were concluded the resin was injected into the ceiling directly from below at a low pressure level. This allowed us to proceed quickly and reduce the temporary blockades in the garage as much as possible. With our special injection pump developed by ChemCo Systems projects involving overhead injection works do not pose a problem and the crack can be injected from one end to the other all the way down to the smallest extensions of the crack within the structure. In addition, we conducted concrete repair measures in the parking space area. After analyzing the damaged areas and removing the affected concrete the reinforcement was blasted and corrosion protection applied. Subsequently PCC mortar was filled into the repaired areas.

Repair project parking garages Uhlandstr./-Kantstr./-Fasanenstr. & Los-Angeles-Platz, Berlin

Customer: Contipark International Parking GmbH

Repair project: Crack injection of dry and temporarily wet cracks in ceilings, pipe and cable penetrations; repair of expansion joints in ceilings and leaky joints around floating bearings

In this extensive repair project CSE Construction proceeded as follows:

Crack injection, waterproofing of the ceiling in the ventilation room in the parking garage Los-Angeles-Platz

Due to the weather conditions the cracks in the ceiling of the ventilation room in the parking garage Los-Angeles-Platz were dry at the beginning of the project. The floor of the ventilation room had already been repaired in some parts, however without success. In the course of this, a coating had been applied onto the concrete as well. The cracks in this area showed signs of efflorescence, discoloring and in the areas which had not been repaired sinters, indicating a certain degree of moisture penetration. Both parts of the ventilation room were directly affected by moisture in case of precipitation. The cracks in the floor of the ventilation room were repaired by CSE Construction before the start of winter in order to make sure that rain in combination with freezing temperatures does not inflict any further harm upon the existing structure. All cracks were included in the repair since those in the area which had been repaired before already showed signs of leakage again.

Crack injection, injection of pipe and cable penetrations in different places of the parking garage Uhlandstrasse-Kantstrasse-Fasanenstrasse

In the parking garage Uhlandstrasse-Kantstrasse-Fasanenstrasse several pipe and cable penetrations had to be repaired because they were leaky and wet in case of precipitation. An injection resin by CSE Sales was used for this purpose.

Repair of expansion joints in the ceilings and leaky joints around floating bearings

The joints which had to be repaired were expansion joints all over the ceiling of the parking garage as well as other joints in the area of floating bearings. Leaks in the joints exhibited considerable sinters and efflorescences, some even showed strong water flow. In both cases CSE Construction decided to conduct the repair from the bottom of the ceiling since a repair from above - although technically possible - would not have been entirely sufficient. In case of repair from above, the joint tapes could have been replaced but the removal of the entire upper part of the structure would have been necessary - which is quite common in joint repair projects such as this one - leading to enormous financial and logistical efforts. Irrespective of the repair method chosen, accompanying measures such as the restoration of the joint flanks at the bottom of the ceiling were necessary in any case. Altogether, we have developed a sustainable procedure of repairing joints which is new and gives customers the potential for considerable savings in terms of financial costs and project logistics.