Repair project Baseler Hof, Hamburg

Customer: Baseler Hof GmbH & Co. KG

Repair project: Crack injection works

The project in the hotel "Baseler Hof" comprised the repair of numerous cracks in a garage floor positioned above a basement. The garage floor exhibited cracks reaching through the basement ceiling, which was indicated by melting water which had penetrated through the ceiling during winter. When snow is carried into a building by vehicles, in many cases de-icing substances are introduced as well. This can lead to significant damages to any reinforcement within the structure.

The cracks were repaired in a force-transmitting way via injection using the CHIP in connection with CSE Sales products. In addition, a floor drain was connected to the surrounding area using epoxy injection resins and subsequently an elastic joint established.

Repair project Hilton Hotel, Berlin

Customer: Hilton Hotel Berlin, WISAG Gebäudetechnik Berlin Brandenburg GmbH & Co. KG

Repair project: Injection of wet cracks in different parts of the hotel building

The hotel was affected by wet cracks in several parts of the building which had to be repaired. The damaged areas included the ceiling of the service area below the swimming pool, assembly openings belatedly sealed by concrete as well as belatedly created pipe penetrations. Without disrupting the regular hotel business wet cracks of up to 1.0 mm width had to be repaired in order to prevent water from reaching the reinforcement which would have been detrimental to the entire structure. Another reason why the repair was necessary were the sanitary requirements which hotels have to fulfill.

A CSE Sales injection resin for the force-transmitting filling of wet cracks was used in this project. Since the CSE Sales epoxy resins can be used for cracks only as wide as 0.1 mm at the surface and also cure within wet cracks, the requirement could be met without any problem. All cracks were sealed successfully so that moisture could no longer penetrate into the structure.