Repair project open air pool Berlin Neukoelln, Berlin

Customer: Berliner Baeder-Betriebe

Repair project: Coating, concrete repair

As preparatory steps of this project handrails, ladders and the springboards had to be dismounted. Subsequently the concrete surfaces were prepared by grit blasting. The concrete was then tested for various aspects, e.g. carbonation and hazardous substances, and repair mortar was applied to the existing voids.

Different coatings were installed thereafter. This included hydrophobizing, primer followed by an OS-11 coating consisting of a primer coat, an intermediate layer, a wearing course, and a top coat. The coating was then connected to the joints and gutters. Corrosion protection was applied to several parts of the structure as well.

Repair project Ruhrwehr Raffelberg, Duisburg

Customer: Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Duisburg-Meiderich (Water and Shipping Authority of Duisburg-Meiderich)

Repair project: Repair of wet cracks and moisture penetrations in the basement of a dam pillar

The dam pillar showed - partly wet - cracks in several areas of its basement as well as a number of small areas of moisture penetration where water entered into the pillar. Since the CSE Sales epoxy resins in connection with the CHIP are also suitable for moist and wet cracks and even cracks through which water penetrates with pressure, they were a perfect fit for this project. The cracks were treated according to the usual steps of the CHIP and successfully repaired so that no further water could enter the premises. New cracks which appeared after the repair of the initial ones were approached the same way.

The problem of the moisture penetrations was solved using the CSE Sales injection resins, too. In order to do so, from each one a core was drilled and a sealing disk with an injection hose attached placed into the location of the core. The resin was injected via this hose until the newly created injection chamber was completely filled and the pressure of the injection pump constant. With this method CSE Construction managed to successfully restore the integrity of these problematic areas as well.

In this repair project the advantages of our material and technology paid off considerably as they allowed us to seal wet cracks with a low injection pressure - i.e. without doing any further harm to the already weakened structure and yet penetrating into the smallest tributary cracks - in a force-transmitting manner where other procedures and materials had failed to provide a long-term solution before.