Innovative low pressure technology in crack injection

In crack repair, one of the core competences of CSE Construction, but also in other repair projects we mainly use the ChemCo Injection Process (CHIP), a low pressure epoxy injection process which restores the monolithic integrity of the respective structure. Our special injection resins allow the use of the CHIP for force-transmitting repair of dry, damp and wet cracks in the most diverse environments. The CHIP and our proprietary injection pump use a very low pressure level (0–5 bar), which in addition to the low viscosity of the resins makes sure that cracks down to 0.1 mm on the surface and 0.01 mm within the structure are penetrated.

Traditional high pressure techniques are usually not able to achieve this level of penetration and frequently produce further damage to the respective structure due to the back pressure they generate. The CHIP even allows the repair of micro-cracks and prevents the expansion of the crack formation. The reinforcement is protected so that rust is also prevented from spreading.

Without damaging the surface structure we inject directly into the crack itself. Only in case of dirt in and around the crack we drill a few millimeters into the crack and usually gain open access after only around 5 mm. We then insert a port which is used to inject the resin. This technique not only reduces the risk of a hydraulic back pressure within the structure but also facilitates the flow of our injection resins.

The CHIP makes sure that forces within a structure generated by temperature differences can be absorbed very quickly before becoming harmful. The CHIP can also be employed for cracks subject to dynamic movements which is important for repair projects on parking decks, garages, etc. subject to a constant flow of traffic.

While the CHIP is the most suitable repair technique in many of our projects, we of course also employ other technologies depending on the specific requirements and customer preferences to reach the best possible result.