Industrial coating project near Stuttgart

CSE Construction was hired to apply a coating on the floor of an industrial building by a new client active in the chemical industry. CSE has had the certification to carry out coating projects according to the German Federal Water Act for numerous years and regularly conducts such jobs, particularly for industrial clients.

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Concrete repair in parking garage

CSE Construction has successfully carried out comprehensive repair work in a 2,000 sqm parking garage in Berlin since the beginning of the year. Concrete was removed from the floor, walls and pillars with our hydrodemolition machines and new concrete was applied. In addition, a parking garage coating was applied.

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New qualified engineers at CSE

Three additional executives of CSE Construction have passed the exam "Qualifizierte Fuehrungskraft" according to the relevant DAfStb directive. Due to numerous leading employees with this challenging certification, CSE Construction is able to guarantee a high quality of all repair jobs.

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Parking deck repair with PMMA coating

CSE Construction has successfully finished the refurbishment of an outdoor parking deck. In order to be able to complete this job during winter time, the floors were coated with coating materials based on methacrylate. In addition, the concrete binders above the parking deck were repaired as well.

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Joint repair using hydrodemolition

Hydrodemolition is a modern and very efficient technique in concrete repair. CSE Construction continuously carries out refurbishment projects with own hydrodemolition equipment. Recently a comprehensive joint repair project was finished successfully in the parking garage of a shopping mall in Berlin.

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New office in Southern Germany

CSE Construction opened a new office in Southern Germany on October 01, 2018. Projects in the southern part of the country can now be carried out even more efficiently from the location in Bietigheim. The office will be run by two industry experts with many years of experience in the construction sector.

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Parking garage refurbishment

The parking garage below several apartment buildings in Berlin exhibited typical damages of such structures. These include cracks and voids in the concrete of the floor, walls, pillars and ceilings as well as leakages. CSE Construction was mandated to carry out the refurbishment of the parking garage by the owner community.

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Waterproofing and concrete repair

CSE Construction has conducted a complete refurbishment of a parking garage in Berlin. The project comprised work in almost all areas of the garage. The screed was renewed and coated on two levels of the garage. Shotcrete was applied to increase concrete cover. In addition, various waterproofing measures were carried out.

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Chloride damage in parking garage

CSE Construction has finished the refurbishment of a parking garage beneath an office building in Berlin. The concrete in the garage was damaged by chlorides. This required repair of the concrete walls and pillars, mostly by hydrodemolition, as well as the application of a new coating on all concrete surfaces in the garage and its ramp.

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Screed sealing in food court

CSE Construction has carried out coating work in the new Food Market of the Bikini Berlin. After careful surface preparation a transparent screed coating based on a special polyurethane was applied in two layers. This product cures quickly and can be walked upon within hours, allowing the very narrow time slot of the job to be held.

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Parking garage refurbishment in Berlin

CSE Construction has finished the refurbishment of the parking garage of an office building in Berlin. Due to the downtown location of the garage the construction logistics were very challenging in this case. In addition, the office was in full use during the refurbishment so noise had to be limited as much as possible.

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Concrete repair Adenauer Tunnel Berlin

Over a period of about one and a half years CSE Construction carried out concrete repair work in the Adenauer Tunnel in Berlin. The job comprised the repair of tunnel walls, ceilings and railings with additions of concrete reinforcement, corrosion protection of steel elements, the repair of joints and joint tapes as well as coatings.

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Rampe 1

Delivery ramp refurbishment

The delivery ramp of a large shopping center in Leipzig was subject to a repair project carried out by CSE Construction at the end of 2017. The application of a particularly robust coating was the main aspect of the job. A PMMA coating was chosen in order to complete the repair project in a short timeframe.

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Refurbishment of Q-Park parking garage

CSE Construction has successfully finished the refurbishment of a parking garage by Q-Park. The project consisted of a renewal of the coating as well as concrete repair work. Due to the occupancy of the parking garage the project was executed in different phases to retain as much parking space as possible.

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Refurbishment of pedestrian bridges

CSE Construction recently carried out refurbishment work on four pedestrian bridges of a Karstadt department store in Braunschweig. The work comprised the renewal of the corrosion protection coating on the bottom as well as the application of a new coating onto the surfaces on the upper side of the bridges.

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Coating project in Zalando building

In recent months CSE Construction carried out a coating job in a future Zalando office building in Berlin. Besides the entire parking garage, coatings were also applied in technical facilities, elevator shafts, storage rooms, stairwells and other parts of the building. The building was certified according to the DGNB standard.

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Installation of expansion joints

In recent months CSE carried out a partial refurbishment of the parking garage UKF in the western part of Berlin's inner city. Waterproof expansion joint profiles were installed, crack injection was done and a significant part of the coating was renewed. Furthermore several damaged joints were injected with acrylic gel.

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Coating of new parking garage

CSE Construction has carried out a coating project in a newly built residential building in Berlin. The work comprised the solidification and leveling of the concrete floor in the parking garage, the coating of the garage floor and ramp covering approximately 1,400 sqm as well as the installation of an expansion joint profile.

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Injection of tubbing cracks

CSE Construction has successfully injected cracks in concrete tubbings. Epoxy resins of CSE Sales AG were used in the project. The cracks had a width as low as 0.1 mm and below and were injected with the ChemCo low pressure injection process. The success was proven by conducting core drillings in the tubbings.

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Dresden 1

Parking garage refurbishment in Dresden

CSE Construction completed the refurbishment of the parking garage of the Karstadt department store in Dresden. The main steps of the project were concrete repair of the bearers and ceilings by hydro-demolition as well as the renewal of the coating on the two levels and the ramp with a total area of approx. 9,000 sqm.

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CSE repair three bridges in Eastern Germany

CSE Construction recently carried out repair work on three bridges on behalf of the city of Lauchhammer. The job included different areas of concrete repair such as the repair of voids and spalls, corrosion protection of steel elements, crack injection and the application of surface coatings.

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Refurbishment jobs in 14 parking garages

In recent months CSE Construction completed repair jobs in more than a dozen parking garages. The work mostly consisted of concrete repair and the application of coatings but also waterproofing and expansion joint repair work was carried out in various areas throughout Germany.

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Coating project in federal ministry building

CSE Construction GmbH recently finished a job in the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Berlin. The project comprised the installation of a two-layered OS 8 coating manufactured by MC-Bauchemie with the top coat being applied in a special color scheme.

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PMMA coating of car park ramps

CSE Construction successfully completed the repair of two car park ramps in Berlin. The project was subject to a tight time schedule as the ramps could only be shut down for a short period of time. Therefore for the new coating particularly fast-curing PMMA material by the manufacturer Westwood was used.

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CSE certified for WHG coatings

CSE Construction extends its services by now offering special coatings according to the German Water Management Act (WHG). This law covers, among others, coatings in warehouses for dangerous goods. Following a growth in client demand for these types of coatings, CSE signed a supervision contract with TUV Nord.

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Certification for injection resin at 1°C

Following the successful completion of all tests, CSE Low Temp received the certification according to the relevant European norms. According to own research, the product is the only epoxy in Europe certified for the structural repair of dry and wet cracks starting at 1°C. It is currently used by CSE Construction exclusively.

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Karstadt 1

CSE refurbishes parking garage for Karstadt

CSE Construction GmbH was hired by Karstadt to refurbish the parking garage of the Karstadt department store in downtown Dresden. Besides comprehensive concrete repair work, amongst others via high-pressure water jetting, the project includes the installation of a new coating on both decks and the ramp (OS-8, OS-10).

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Crack injection at new apartment building

CSE Construction carried out a job of concrete slab crack injection at a large apartment building construction project in Berlin. The established low pressure injection process with the epoxy resin CSE Standard was used. This product allows the structural repair of dry, damp and wet cracks as narrow as 0.1 mm.

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Bridge 1

ENKA SA new applicator of the CSE products

Greece-based company Enka SA, specialized in the structural repair and strenghtening of civil engineering structures and other buildings in Greece as well as the surrounding countries, has been certified by CSE for the application of the CSE injection resins and the related low pressure injection technology.

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Los Angeles Platz 1

Repair of waterproofing and coating

CSE Construction recently repaired the waterproofing and parts of the coating of two parking garages. Both buildings are in the city center of Berlin. On these „winter construction sites“, among others, products particularly suitable for low temperatures were selected and used.

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Del Monte 1

Repair of factory building floors

CSE Construction recently completed the repair of the floor of two factory buildings in the German state of Brandenburg. The project included the execution of comprehensive concrete repair work such as the repair of voids located in the floor and the sealing of the affected areas.

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Gropius 1

Repair work in two parking garages

CSE Construction is currently carrying out comprehensive repair work in two parking garages of a shopping center in Berlin on behalf of Unibail-Rodamco Germany. Besides the repair of cracks on the parking decks, the application of a new coating system marks the core of this project which altogether comprises 35,000 sqm.

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Clean-off zone, expansion joints and gutters

Besides the core activities in concrete and crack repair, CSE Construction also carries out repair jobs in other areas of expertise based on the company’s broad engineering skills. We recently installed a new clean-off zone as well as gutters in a shopping center and executed an expansion joint repair project in the same object.

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Wilmersdorf 1

Repair work in wind power plant

Due to the strong forces acting upon them, the concrete bases of wind power plants are frequently subject to damages. This particularly includes the formation of cracks which require concrete repair work. CSE Construction recently executed a crack repair job in a wind power plant in northern Germany.

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Sommerbad 1

Repair of open air pool diving platform

On time before the beginning of the swimming season, CSE Construction completed the repair of the diving platform in the open air pool Berlin Neukoelln. Concrete repair and coating work marked the core of the project which had to be completed in a narrow time window before the opening of the pool to the public.

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Sealing of fermenter inspection glass

The repair of sealings is one of the core activities of CSE Construction. Based on different procedures and product types the goal is always the implementation of high quality and long lasting solutions. We recently carried out a project involving the sealing of the inspection glass of a concrete fermenter.

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Gesundbrunnen Center Fugen 1

Extensive parking garage joint repair project

Many buildings have problems with defective joints. Therefore CSE Construction frequently conducts smaller and larger joint repair jobs. Depending on the respective situation different techniques are used - an extensive joint repair project in a shopping center parking garage in Berlin is one example.

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Horizontalsperre 1

Damp-proof barriers for office building

CSE Construction successfully finished extensive injection and waterproofing work on behalf of a real estate project developer at a commercial building in Berlin. This included a number of horizontal and vertical damp-proof barriers, waterproofing of brickwork walls and crack injection.

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Centrum 1

Multi-purpose use of our technology

Leaky pipe and cable penetrations are a common problem of many buildings. The possible contact with water is only one of the reasons for difficulties in the repair process. CSE Construction has extensive experience in such repair jobs and makes use of the water-resistant, high quality epoxies of CSE Sales.

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Humboldtstrasse 1

Residential building waterproofing project

CSE Construction, specialized in high-quality crack repair and waterproofing projects, conducted repair work on the sealing of a residential building in Berlin in the course of a larger construction project. To achieve a highly sustainable repair result a multi-layered approach was taken.

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CSE Construction repairs cracks in dam pillar

CSE Construction recently finished a comprehensive crack repair project in a dam pillar managed by the port and shipping authority of Duisburg Meiderich in Germany. In an environment of numerous wet concrete cracks, the CSE Sales resins could demonstrate their superior quality.

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Successful crack repair in a parking garage

Due to the constant flow of traffic and influence of substances like gasoline or de-icing salt, structures in parking garages are frequently subject to cracking. Hence CSE Construction has conducted many smaller and larger repair projects in parking garages - for example recently in the German city of Bochum.

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Healer/Sealer - the economical alternative

There are situations in which crack injection cannot be conducted - when very large areas have to be repaired, costs can quickly grow tremendously. ChemCo Systems developed the Healer/Sealer for these kinds of applications which allows a comparably cost-efficient treatment.

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