Repair products developed by the industry pioneers

The CSE Sales premium injection resins we use have excellent properties for many application environments and conditions. Besides a wide selection of epoxy resins for injection - CSE Sales only offers force-transmitting epoxy resins for injection and no polyurethanes, acrylates, cementitious material etc. - and related injection seals, the product family also comprises binders, grouts and coatings. For many applications, e.g. for injection the Model B Pump, our partner ChemCo Systems manufactures proprietary machines which allow the application of the products with the correct ratio and pressure. ChemCo Systems also produces an extremely durable epoxy asphalt which has been used in many of the largest bridge projects globally, for example on 6 of the currently 10 longest bridges in China (

With regards to epoxy resins for structural crack repair by injection, we have access to substances for application under water, in fresh and salt water, for low (down to approx. 1°C) and high (up to 43°C and above) application temperatures, for radioactively and otherwise chemically contaminated surroundings, for slump pumping etc. In addition, there is a flexible resin which is ideal for use in expansion joints. These highly specialized injection resins have superior properties for their intended purpose in comparison to many competing products, even without requiring high pressure in the injection process. Hence they allow us the execution of repair projects which are not possible with other materials.

ChemCo Systems products have been used in many large repair projects over the last decades, for example on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Washington Monument in Washington D.C., the Lord Nelson Statue in London etc. Each year more than 100,000 m of cracks are repaired with ChemCo Systems products.

We are an independent contractor and also use selected construction products of other manufacturers depending on the specific project requirements, the goal always being to reach the best and most sustainable outcome.