CSE Construction GmbH

Damages in buildings are an essential problem worldwide. The causes range from long-time negligence in combination with growing usage intensity (e.g. bridges) to normal wear and tear over time and end at incorrect planning and execution of construction projects. The list of the affected objects is long: parking facilities, shopping centers, power plants, airports, bridges, silos, industrial storage facilities, dams, ...

CSE Construction GmbH positions itself right in this niche as a customer-oriented specialist for concrete (crack) repair, coatings, corrosion protection, waterproofing, hydrodemolition and surface preparation. It is important for us to cover as much of the value chain as possible with our own employees. After years of successful activities in these markets, CSE Construction has extensive experience in repair projects of both civil engineering works and buildings. We also offer our services, especially the application of coatings, for new construction.

Our main ambition is the implementation of high-quality, sustainable solutions instead of short-term optimization. Our customers include some of the best-known operators of parking facilities, shopping centers and power plants, hotel and public transportation companies, water and shipping authorities, facility managers and public institutions.

We would be glad to introduce our company to you in more detail.