We are focused on planning and executing the repair of structures and buildings.

CSE Construction is a fast-growing company focused on concrete crack repair, concrete repair, coatings and waterproofing.

Repair services

CSE Construction GmbH is a contractor specialized in the repair of cracks in concrete, concrete repair, coatings and waterproofing. Learn more about our service offering and what differentiates us from others.

CSE Construction

Repair products

CSE Distribution GmbH distributes high quality products for concrete repair in Europe. Learn more about our product family focused on crack repair developed by the US specialist ChemCo Systems Inc.

CSE Distribution


CSE certified for WHG coatings

CSE Construction extends its services by now offering special coatings according to the German Water Management Act (WHG). This law covers, among others, coatings in warehouses for dangerous goods. Following a growth in client demand for these types of coatings, CSE signed a supervision contract with TUV Nord.

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Certification for injection resin at 1°C

Following the successful completion of all tests, CSE Low Temp received the certification according to the relevant European norms. According to own research, the product is the only epoxy in Europe certified for the structural repair of dry and wet cracks starting at 1°C. It is currently used by CSE Construction exclusively.

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Karstadt 1

CSE refurbishes parking garage for Karstadt

CSE Construction GmbH was hired by Karstadt to refurbish the parking garage of the Karstadt department store in downtown Dresden. Besides comprehensive concrete repair work, amongst others via high-pressure water jetting, the project includes the installation of a new coating on both decks and the ramp (OS-8, OS-10).

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Crack injection at new apartment building

CSE Construction carried out a job of concrete slab crack injection at a large apartment building construction project in Berlin. The established low pressure injection process with the epoxy resin CSE Standard was used. This product allows the structural repair of dry, damp and wet cracks as narrow as 0.1 mm.

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Bridge 1

ENKA SA new applicator of the CSE products

Greece-based company Enka SA, specialized in the structural repair and strenghtening of civil engineering structures and other buildings in Greece as well as the surrounding countries, has been certified by CSE for the application of the CSE injection resins and the related low pressure injection technology.

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Los Angeles Platz 1

Repair of waterproofing and coating

CSE Construction recently repaired the waterproofing and parts of the coating of two parking garages. Both buildings are in the city center of Berlin. On these „winter construction sites“, among others, products particularly suitable for low temperatures were selected and used.

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