Planning and execution of structural building repair

Concrete repair, coating, corrosion protection, waterproofing, hydrodemolition, surface preparation

Repair services

CSE Construction is a contractor specialized in concrete repair, coating, corrosion protection, waterproofing, hydrodemolition and surface preparation. Learn more about our service offering and what differentiates us.

CSE Construction

Repair products

CSE Sales distributes high quality products for concrete repair in Europe. Learn more about our product family focused on crack repair developed by the US specialist ChemCo Systems Inc.

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Hydrodemolition in difficult conditions

Concrete removal with hydrodemolition as part of the complete refurbishment of a parking garage in difficult circumstances due to machine weight restrictions, confined space and strict requirements on water management. Our solution: Use of a lightweight robot and parallel running of two small high pressure pumps.

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OS 10 parking deck coating

A parking deck repair was recently finished by the installation of an OS 10 coating. CSE applies several thousand sqm of this versatile coating system every year. Depending on the requirements based on PMMA, polyurethane or polyurea, with or without fibre reinforcement, machine-sprayed or applied manually.

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Concreting work in a parking garage

In the course of a comprehensive parking garage refurbishment, the CSE team built new strip foundations with concrete. Prior steps included the removal of old concrete by hydrodemolition and the installation of new stirrup reinforcement. All steps were secured by heavy-duty props.

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New control system for hydrodemolition robot

For many years CSE Construction has invested in machinery for the ever more important field of hydrodemolition for concrete repair purposes. Besided hydrodemolition pumps this includes robots for the automated removal of concrete. To be technologically up-to-date, we now upgraded a robot to the newest control system.

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Successful start of new southern branch

The new branch of CSE Construction in Bietigheim-Bissingen near Stuttgart, which was founded at the end of 2018, has had a very successful first year of operation. About 15 refurbishment projects were carried out in various parts of southern Germany with a focus on concrete repair and coating.

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Coating in the winter? With PMMA products

Repair projects do not have to be discontinued during the cold season. By using products based on PMMA, coating jobs can be carried out at temperatures around freezing. CSE Construction has been successfully using these materials for years, e.g. for coating of parking garages and ramps. Also including a ramp heating system.

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