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CSE Construction is a contractor specialized in concrete repair, coating, injections, corrosion protection and waterproofing. Learn more about our service offering and what differentiates us from others.

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CSE Sales distributes high quality products for concrete repair in Europe. Learn more about our product family focused on crack repair developed by the US specialist ChemCo Systems Inc.

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Refurbishment of pedestrian bridges

CSE Construction recently carried out refurbishment work on four pedestrian bridges of a Karstadt department store in Braunschweig. The work comprised the renewal of the corrosion protection coating on the bottom as well as the application of a new coating onto the surfaces on the upper side of the bridges.

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Coating project in Zalando building

In recent months CSE Construction carried out a coating job in a future Zalando office building in Berlin. Besides the entire parking garage, coatings were also applied in technical facilities, elevator shafts, storage rooms, stairwells and other parts of the building. The building was certified according to the DGNB standard.

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Installation of expansion joints

In recent months CSE carried out a partial refurbishment of the parking garage UKF in the western part of Berlin's inner city. Waterproof expansion joint profiles were installed, crack injection was done and a significant part of the coating was renewed. Furthermore several damaged joints were injected with acrylic gel.

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Coating of new parking garage

CSE Construction has carried out a coating project in a newly built residential building in Berlin. The work comprised the solidification and leveling of the concrete floor in the parking garage, the coating of the garage floor and ramp covering approximately 1,400 sqm as well as the installation of an expansion joint profile.

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Injection of tubbing cracks

CSE Construction has successfully injected cracks in concrete tubbings. Epoxy resins of CSE Sales AG were used in the project. The cracks had a width as low as 0.1 mm and below and were injected with the ChemCo low pressure injection process. The success was proven by conducting core drillings in the tubbings.

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Dresden 1

Parking garage refurbishment in Dresden

CSE Construction completed the refurbishment of the parking garage of the Karstadt department store in Dresden. The main steps of the project were concrete repair of the bearers and ceilings by hydro-demolition as well as the renewal of the coating on the two levels and the ramp with a total area of approx. 9,000 sqm.

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