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CSE Construction is a contractor specialized in concrete repair, coating, injections, corrosion protection and waterproofing. Learn more about our service offering and what differentiates us from others.

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CSE Sales distributes high quality products for concrete repair in Europe. Learn more about our product family focused on crack repair developed by the US specialist ChemCo Systems Inc.

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Screed sealing in food court

CSE Construction has carried out coating work in the new Food Market of the Bikini Berlin. After careful surface preparation a transparent screed coating based on a special polyurethane was applied in two layers. This product cures quickly and can be walked upon within hours, allowing the very narrow time slot of the job to be held.

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Parking garage refurbishment in Berlin

CSE Construction has finished the refurbishment of the parking garage of an office building in Berlin. Due to the downtown location of the garage the construction logistics were very challenging in this case. In addition, the office was in full use during the refurbishment so noise had to be limited as much as possible.

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Concrete repair Adenauer Tunnel Berlin

Over a period of about one and a half years CSE Construction carried out concrete repair work in the Adenauer Tunnel in Berlin. The job comprised the repair of tunnel walls, ceilings and railings with additions of concrete reinforcement, corrosion protection of steel elements, the repair of joints and joint tapes as well as coatings.

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Rampe 1

Delivery ramp refurbishment

The delivery ramp of a large shopping center in Leipzig was subject to a repair project carried out by CSE Construction at the end of 2017. The application of a particularly robust coating was the main aspect of the job. A PMMA coating was chosen in order to complete the repair project in a short timeframe.

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Refurbishment of Q-Park parking garage

CSE Construction has successfully finished the refurbishment of a parking garage by Q-Park. The project consisted of a renewal of the coating as well as concrete repair work. Due to the occupancy of the parking garage the project was executed in different phases to retain as much parking space as possible.

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Refurbishment of pedestrian bridges

CSE Construction recently carried out refurbishment work on four pedestrian bridges of a Karstadt department store in Braunschweig. The work comprised the renewal of the corrosion protection coating on the bottom as well as the application of a new coating onto the surfaces on the upper side of the bridges.

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